I Am Vegan!

Growing Up and Seeing the World from a Child’s Perspective


When I was a child I was put in a daycare while my mom went to work. I witnessed firsthand how the system ran, and even had my first glimpse into the so called adults lives. I remember one afternoon I was being put down for a nap, and this enormous woman who was wearing a dress turned around to attend to something and my eyes were involuntarily exposed to see up her dress. The sight was less than pleasurable, and I observed the lack of nutritional discipline with a sort of disgust. I was quite unhappy for that nap after my field of vision had been impeded upon with this obese persons back side. I would have to say I remember very little of that day care except for a few experiences that involved bullying, being put in time out, and mocked by girls singing songs that i perceived to be at my expense in some way.

I have a different recollection of a different daycare where one of my caretakers was a brunette with legs that seemed endless in length, and were tightly wrapped in black nylon. Her legs were crossed and she had a certain look in her eyes, one I wouldn’t appreciate for many years to come. I was still after all quite an innocent child not yet 5 years old.

I was no easy target yet adversity courted me constantly

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In school I was usually given a verbal challenge by other boys, I was not small although I was less confident in my abilities nay I was unaware of the weapon I might have been able to project through my body language, eye contact, and voice. I was mostly left to my own devices. I would wander the playground and at lunch time I would hang around the trash can searching for scraps of food that the other children would discard. Whenever I would find a half eaten bag of Funions, which wasn’t very often, I would gleefully devour it. You see I was rather sheltered as a young child by my single mother who was the eldest of four sisters.

A Mother Knows Best


Though at the time I was deeply unappreciative of my mother’s nutritional choices, I know am grateful I was unable to acquire much in the way of traditional American junk food early on in life. Now that’s not to say I was particularly athletic or aware of how to eat, sleep, and train for maximum health benefits. I was quite ignorant to anything except what I wanted at the time, mostly Doritos, Cheetos, and anything else that was salty or had MSG in it. Now a days you won’t find me eating anything of the sort, and in fact I despise the standard American diet. I currently eat a plant based, animal product and animal bi product diet.

Why am I a Vegan?


Call me crazy I just like to do the opposite of what most people tell me is good and acceptable. If drinking soda, beer, and smoking cigarettes are the normal cool thing to do I will run from them like the plague. If eating hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza are in, I will utterly despise them and turn my back on anyone who does. If watching TV, smoking weed, and playing video games are the thing to do, I’m headed for the Hills, Not those hills,  and my goodness no definitely not those hills either. Mind you I’m talking about the hills of self denial and crucifixion. It’s easy to go along with the crowd and not ask too many questions.

Why Most People Won’t Do It


People are great at deceiving themselves. They do it all the time, every day for years, and then they complain they aren’t where they want to be in life. Food is no exception. How many times have you heard people complain about the fact that they’re overweight, are tired, would workout if they could find the time, etc… The truth is comfort zones get awfully comfortable and people settle for so much less than they originally said they were going to go after in life. When pressures begin to mount up and the stress in our lives begins to intensify, most people myself included reach for something salty, sugary, or fatty to take the edge off. The problem is many of us are binge eaters, and can easily demolish thousand of calories in a single sitting.

Whether we grab our junk food and plop down in front the tube, or don’t even manage to make it back from the drive-through to our place before slamming down those cheese burgers, milkshakes, or big ass burritos… the truth is we all use food to escape.

But I Eat Healthy!


Do you really believe that? Then why don’t you have the body you want? Why is there soda in your fridge? Why is there bullshit in your pantry? You’re living to eat my friend, and it’s totally your decision whether you care about it or not. I’ve been eating a lot lately more than I ever have in my life I would imagine, and my body has felt unstoppable. I’ve been walking everywhere instead of driving my shiny mustang around, because it feels better to walk to the gym, walk across the street to the grocery store, grab some pop chips and non dairy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and walk back home. We live in a society that seeks instant gratification like a fat kid seeks a pack of smarties.

No-one in my Family is Vegan and that’s just fine

My mom hasn’t once expressed any desire to be vegan, and neither have any of my friends for that matter. I imagine many of them would look at me as some sort of anomaly, and not think beyond the surface of why the food they love tastes so good. Believe me I know how good it is. I’ve had the experience and seen the movie more times than I can count so I know exactly what I’m missing. In my next article I’ll be sharing more about my vegan lifestyle and how I’m quite happy with my whole foods, plant based lifestyle.



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