Plus nothing. These two words that follow Jesus’s name are what makes the difference between heaven and hell. Today I signed up for the 67 steps which is a program I have been aware of for sometime now, and finally decided to just go for it 100%. I also added to the 2 bonus courses, his mini MBA program and something called the Entrepreneurs code. I had a challenge telling myself that it was a good investment, but I decided to just go for it and make it a part of my journey to creating more wealth than I could ever dream of. Today I woke up and had my meditation session with my fighter fuel and rebellion pre-workout.

I hit my weight training right after that and got to the park right after that to finish my HIIT cardio, which I did and have been doing in a fasted state. Because I have been really diving deep into the plant based lifestyle I was in such a good mood today, that by the time my afternoon coffee break rolled around I was so pumped for a light snack. I grabbed a bowl of almonds that I got from Whole Foods, added a big helping of raspberries, and some delicious chia seeds! This made the most amazing snack ever, and tasted like a really awesome bowl of cereal!

The 67 Steps

“To get what you want you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” -Charlie Munger

This is a great quote from the 67 steps that Tai mentioned from an author (Charlie Munger) I am not too familiar with, but am interested in reading his books. To deserve more I’m going to start with the “worth a damn” factor, and become as self aware as possible! For me this means saving my energy and time for worthy investments like developing my YouTube channel, Reading 2 books a week, picking up my guitar for fun every week, watching the lessons in the 67 steps, going to the gym, doing my hiit cardio, and following a plant based lifestyle. I have been working on myself for years, and have a really good feeling about the future even though things are not easy! I have the willpower, internal strength, and mental focus to push through the procrastination that brings many people to their knees. My purpose is to execute the steps each and every day that I know will be the most effective to my success in life and in business.

The amazing thing is that I am realizing how safe and sound i am in my current life situation. I have been investing in myself as a creator and contributor to the world. How have I been doing that? Just what I’ve mentioned above! By staying on my purpose and path while avoiding the things that would pull me off my center and distract me. Yes I live at home and yes I am looking for more ways to bring in my next five thousand dollars, but I feel alive! I feel so much more alive then when I was working at my 9 to 5 trying to eek out a living on the safe track.

Creator Tools

Also I’ve been investing in essential tools for my new lifestyle like a new computer. I’ve been wanting to own an Apple product for sometime and finally went all out and got a brand new macbook pro which I’m waiting to arrive in the mail from Once I have that piece of the puzzle my amazon return for the t6 will have shown up and I get my new cannon EOS 80D DSLR, which will help me make the best videos for YouTube! My favorite thing to think is that today’s modern day suit and tie is the laptop and DSLR.

All of this stuff I’m talking about does indeed tie in with my initial statement that Jesus plus nothing is the only thing my eternal security is based on. The success I will gain from the world, will no doubt be something God takes a keen interest in, and yet i have been prompted to take action. There is no possibility that I can just shirk my responsibility to find the best mentors and execute on the programs that they lay out. Religion is not something I am in favor of, but committing myself to the processes needed to shift from a lifestyle of coping to one of thriving. As Joshua entered the promised land, so will I enter my own personal version of the promised land! God does not want me to just wander around in the “spiritual wilderness” and just hope that things will improve. No! Jesus wants me to take action when needed and to trust him to handle the salvation issue.

By the way if you enjoy my posts and want to make a contribution to my little online blog and vlog expenses I would greatly appreciate it!

I feel liberated in other words to live in the world, but not be of the world. So investing in certain courses like the mini MBA program and the 67 steps are perhaps worldly in their approach to gaining wealth, but i’m not trusting in my own righteousness to save me…only Jesus. Going to college is a start to the path of getting a better job, and making a way for yourself to heave the effort of studying into a profitable business ideally.


What would you say your deserving/ worth a damn factor is? from 1-10?

If you could have bet on yourself in high school, would you have? compared to other students in the class? If not what would you have to do to be the person you would easily bet on?

I’ll be posting more blogs and videos soon. Here’s my latest video if you haven’t seen it already check it out!

I’ll be back later guys, but for now I’m going to cook up my usual awesome plant based feast!

p.s. still going strong on the no fap habit i’ve created (4 months) and so far loving the boost in energy and focus. Not to mention i feel heaps better than when i used to just obey the lust of my flesh. Definitely not into letting sin reign in MY mortal body!

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