Jesus is Enough for Me

This Believers Story

Welcome back to my blog and today we are going to be talking about how we as believers in Jesus need to focus on just one thing. Of course, you may or may not know my answer is going to be Jesus. Just Jesus. Jesus alone is enough for me. I know that my life and all of my accomplishments, while they do offer a temporary pleasurable experience unless I’m doing it for Jesus it’s not going to endure. The title of the blog post was something that I picked up listening to a bible teaching by Chuck Smith who is the founder of Calvary Chapel. Calvary chapel is a non-denominational Christian fellowship that was founded in the late 60’s and has grown to a very large influence within the Christian community.

My Experience with Calvary Chapel

I was brought to salvation in Christ back when I was around 16 or 17. I was the one who decided to do it and literally nobody at all cared at all that I did it except the people who led me to the Lord of course. Things were not perfect and I was young so I went back into the world again to see if I could “find myself.” I found that I loved a lot of things that were not going to lead me into a strong walk with the Lord. Sadly when I returned again I began a legal relationship with God for a while before I began to understand God’s grace and love for me personally as His child. I was an active member or my church in Albuquerque for years at a time and went as far as leaving Albuquerque to support my pastor as He started a church in South Carolina in 2007. I went along and learned a lot about the bible, communion, prayer, and how to serve the body of Christ. I even made it onto the worship team and was playing bass guitar for a few months. I did end up choosing to indulge my flesh on a useless tryst with a girl in our church who happened to be the granddaughter of one of our elders. I stepped down from ministry and shortly after stopped going to worship and praise God anymore.

Just Jesus

I only mention all this because I spent years serving in the church and trying to do the “right things” because I thought that’s what would please God. I was not even aware of the truth that there is nothing I can ever add to the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. So the Christian is called to rest in Jesus and not try to strive after trying to be good enough for God. We have every single blessing in Christ, and just that realization is HUGE! You are going to heaven and can know for sure that it’s true by simply believing in Jesus and placing your faith in Him. That’s it! The good news is that salvation is a freely given gift and anyone can acquire it by a simple placing of ones faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary.



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