Smoking to the Glory of God! Did You Hear What Spurgeon Said?

Smoking to the Glory of God!

Smoking is as controversial an issue for believers as ever, but did you know that the great Charles Spurgeon was known for smoking big black cigars and that the American evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody was closing in on 400 pounds of body weight when the two believers met for the first time? When given a challenge to his liberty Spurgeon declared ““There is growing up in society a Pharisaic system which adds to the commands of God the precepts of men; to that system, I will not yield for an hour. The preservation of my liberty may bring upon me the upbraidings of many good men and the sneers of the self-righteous, but I shall endure both with serenity so long as I feel clear in my conscience before God.” What great words from such a mighty believer in Christ Jesus! I’ve been a cannabis user for a very long time which as Spurgeon says “I smoke to the glory of God.” I am always discreet about where and when I usually spark it because cannabis and tobacco are quite different even though they both are known for their relaxing traits. Using cannabis is a social thing naturally, and yet it’s good to have a quiet night in reflection on how blessed we truly are in Christ!

smoke to the glory of God

Smoking Cannabis

Cannabis in my opinion and from all my research is much less harmful to the body than cigars, and therefore I prefer to use my medical cannabis status to seek healings through these natural herbs. Apparently, when Moody met Spurgeon he chided him for smoking saying “Do you know what you’re doing to the temple of the Holy Spirit with those big, black cigars?” Spurgeon retorted, “I suppose the same thing that you’re doing with your knife and fork.” Touche Charles! I know I’ve wrestled with guilt over my own decision to continue to use cannabis wondering if the Lord was upset with me. Now we know Jesus is the friend of sinners, but the Lord never condones any sinful activity. Not that cannabis is wickedly sinful but it certainly doesn’t meet the mark of God’s standard. Whether you’re smoking cigars, cannabis, or really enjoy eating never ending pasta bowls do it all to the glory of God! There are certainly more destructive influences like alcohol and hard drugs.


When man’s standards come in, God’s standards go out

Many men who made a significant impact for Christ (e.g. Tolkien and CS Lewis) on occasion enjoyed a pipe, cigarette, or cigar. I was unaware of who Frances Schaffer was, but this American theologian, philosopher, and pastor enjoyed a glass of sherry every night as he talked to his students. How refreshing to see the children of God not crippled by the soul-sucking legalism that enslaves us as much as any vice might. God wants us to enjoy a life that is filled with joy, but we don’t always agree with God and think that He is holding us back from joy. We rebel against God sometimes and when we defy the law of God we feel miserable. I would not have my liberty be a stumbling block in front of anyone though so I am discreet about my usage. I am not interested in hiding the fact that presently I am a medical cannabis patient and I find it really does help me enjoy more happiness, euphoria, relaxation, and appetite!



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